Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Could Ableton be the Future......

Ableton is slowly becoming my DAW of choice. It's handling and management of audio audio and MIDI is far outweighing the other DAWs in its field. It is also more conducive to electronic music, also commonly known as EDM. You can take a look at some of my macProVideo articles to see the potential of Ableton and it's future in computer music productions.

Creating Noise Based Transitions

Creating Generative Music with Ableton - Part 1

Creating Generative Music with Ableton - Part 2

Creating Reverb Techniques with Ableton

Stem Mastering with Ableton

I'm very excited to see what Ableton has up its sleeves for upcoming upgrades. I hope they introduce further forward thinking techniques and features. Even with the collaboration with Cycling 74, and the byproduct, Max 4 Live, there is huge potential for Ableton.

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